Thursday, March 1, 2007

Addam's Family Chic

Inspired originally by the photography of Douglas Little in Grown Up Goth, I thought a creepy and kookey post would be in order.

Although, personally I wouldn't completely goth up my living abode, I do enjoy the tongue-in-cheek cemetery chic (I just coined that phrase!) that the Addams Family embodies. Why not add a dark touch to your room...a skull and crossbones, some black lace or an onyx drop chandelier. Some more ideas (budget as always) are below:

And wouldn't you just LOVE a sign that says "Beware Of The Thing"?? I certainly would. With four kids, three dogs and three cats it wouldn't be entirely inacurate. :)
For fun check out Gothic Martha Stewart, a website devoted to creeping out your pad.

Photos are (in order):

Addams Family Movie
Doug Little Photograph
Pillow - Resist Today
Mirror w/sconce - Urban Outfitters
Lace pattern curtains - UO
Skull and Crossbones stencil - Stencil 1 Graffiti
Frankenstein stencil - Stencil 1 Graffiti
"Toxic" goblets - UO
Black chandelier - UO
Manbat art print - Resist Today
Black picture frame - Well Dressed Home
Fishbone soapdish - WDH
Doug Little Photograph
Black roses candle holder - UO
Addams Family TV series