Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Masks As "Art"....?

Once upon a time there were thousands of little children in America poised on the brink of Halloween and searching for the perfect costume. A costume that said "I am cool. I am hip. I have little to no taste. I don't breathe through my mouth."

These children begged and pleaded with their parents for this super-hot character costume trend. Prepackaged and designed by Ben Cooper or Collegeville, I may be dating myself by admitting that I was one of those kids. I believe that I was Wonder Woman one year. Another year, a princess. And, dang, that Miss America mask looks awfully familiar.....

As a tribute to Halloween I thought I would post the awesome decorating potential of these possibly lead-based paint masks. Hung on the wall in a collage they could be fantastic! Funky, retro, nostalgic and just plain creepy. If
you have a taste for the odd, or a yen for large smiles and empty eyesockets check out http://www.ebay.com/ and search Ben Cooper or Collegeville to bring up a plethora of the good, the bad, and the fugly!

My passion? Superheroes. I found these lovelies on Ebay and am considering a purchase. Also spotted: Batman and Wolverine. How cool is that??

Is it just me or is Spiderwoman BUTT UGLY?? GAD!! The mouth paint doesn't even fall on the lip creases! LOL! All the better!!

Some more fun styles I found: Beatnick Man and Woman. Too adorable!

The ubiquitous Miss America..very white and very blonde.

Listed as "Oriental Dancer" (!) the Geisha-esque is one of the more artistic examples.

Great ones here: Scary tomato (wtf?) and black cat.

And who can resist the juxtaposition of Chuck Norris and Alfred E. Neuman????

For more Ben Cooper/Collegeville fun check out http://retrocrush.buzznet.com/costumes/
for a selection of more obscure and hilarious examples.

So come on, 'fess up....what plastic mask did you wear??