Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Cure...

Whoops! Wrong Cure. It's the Apartment Therapy Spring Cure!! I am soooo in this time. I tried it before in our old house but, dang, that place had sooo much wrong with it...including 7 years of accumulated JUNK.
Now, as you can see by the last post, I am in a new, uncluttered home. The downside is that we have practically NOTHING for furnishings. We weren't able to bring all of our things with us to Wyoming and being a thrifting girl I assumed it wouldn't take long to replenish what was needed. Boy was I wrong. For some reason the prices of "used" home furnishings are CRAZY!! Even the trash! And we are a million miles from any IKEA, Target, or other decent store. I love our new town, really I do, but I can't even find a Domino magazine here. It's all Country Living and Quilting Digest!
So now as Week One is about to begin I am trying to go through the questions in the Apartment Therapy book to determine my Decorating Style which isn't going well. I am to eclectic to catagorize. (That's my way of saying I am a mixed up mess).
1) Actress:
Sandra Bullock
Ashley Judd
Anna Faris
Emma Thompson
2) Actor:
Kenneth Branagh
Simon Pegg
John Wayne because he was a man above men. I just love him the way you love a grandpa!
3) Artist:
Henri Matisse. I do love the colors
Andrew Wyeth because his work is so haunting
4) Writer:
Barbara Michaels/Elizabeth Peters:
Dave Barry
Amy Tan
Elizabeth Berg
Anne Lamott
5) Music (my most eclectic area)
Rock (KISS, ACDC, The Donnas)
Pop-Rock (Pat Benatar, Blondie)
Jazz/Blues (Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday)
Celtic (Clannad, Loreena McKennitt)
6) Restaurant
I rarely eat out. But I love retro diners.
7) Automobile
Mid-60's Plymouth Valiant
8) TV Show
Paranormal State
America's Next Top Model
Fawlty Towers
9) Clothing
Jeans Jeans Jeans
Bright and Funky accessories
10) How would you describe your style (3 words)
Down To Earth (is that a word?)
Personal History
Where have you lived:
Born: Vermont
Grew up: Vermont
As an adult: Vermont and now Wyoming
Whom would you consider a role model:
Wonder Woman :)
Quality Admired In This Person:
completely sure of herself
What is the problem with your home?:
lack of personality
not enough storage
If your home could speak what would it say is the problem?:
"I am soooo bored! Would you people give me a little help here?"
What would you like to do or do more of in your home:
Have cozy family times
In 8 weeks how would you like friends to describe your home: