Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Global Responsibility

I want to take a minute to talk about Ten Thousand Villages.

"At Ten Thousand Villages, we work with over 100 artisan groups in more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to bring you fair trade jewelry, home decor, gifts and more. As one of the world's oldest and largest fair trade organizations, we build long-term relationships with artisans that are based on mutual understanding and respect.
Fair trade enables artisans to earn a fair wage and provides the opportunity for a better quality of life."

The bonus for the consumer is that these beautifully crafted pieces are very reasonable price wise. You know that I am always looking for inexpensive ways to make my home pretty, and by purchasing items from Ten Thousand Villages I know that my money means something...not just to some anonymous corporation that would rather exploit the foreign artisan.

And now, for your viewing pleasure:

And like many of you, I am a SUCKER for trees!!

Items are:

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** Terramia ** said...

I so *love* Ten Thousand Villages!! We have one here in Victoria, and I go often for a visit. I get my cuppa organic fairtrade coffee sample and peruse the multitude of wonderful art. I try to shop there for unique gifts as the selection is so marvellous. Isn't it amazing how much talent there is in this world? We need to stretch beyond our city walls and *reach out* to those around us. These artisans deserve fairness, appreciation and respect by each and every one of us.
Fab post... and your blog is wonderful! (:


piscesgrrl said...

I love Ten Thousand Villages as well, and am always shocked at the great prices for authentic goods!

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