Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Finds In Odd Places

Lehman's Non Electric store has been the go-to spot for country folk. If you needed a wringer washing machine or a milking stool you were all set. I love to peruse the site because deep down I have a "Little House On The Prairie" fantasy. Imagine my surprise upon finding some super cool items at budget prices. Here are a few of my picks but you are sure to find more. Check them out. The Amish would thank you.

I love this Crosley 3-speed Record Changer with
"Stack-O-Matic" technology. At $169.95 it is a cool deal!

These great 50's style stools with folding steps are a bargain at $59.95

And the Folding Cypress Table ($129.95) and Chairs ($99.95) are a bit on the expensive side but well worth it for the quality. Amish made. Simply beautiful!

I may not actually use Vaseline Soap but dang! wouldn't a few of these boxes look fantastic in the bathroom??
Package of 3 bars for $5.95

I am surprised IKEA hasn't thought of this one yet! Battery Storage System for $12.95. It ain't pretty but neither is a miscellany of Duracel packages!

In Red or Blue, enamel ware dishes look like something out of Wagon Train. In white they are CLASSIC! White Enamel Tableware: $2.95-$19.95. White Stock Pots: $12.95 and $14.95

The Handcrafted Glass Candy Dish is just beautiful...don't you think? Lovely cotton ball holder in the bathroom! Only $20.00

These are just a few of the great finds at Lehman's so check it out.

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