Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Manifest Destiny...

That's it! In just one week we will be leaving our home state of Vermont. Leaving our families, our friends, and everything familiar and heading west! Welcome to Lander, Wyoming! We have been itching to do this for years now and finally we decided it was time. We are renting a little (emphasis on little) ranch house in town and it will be a new experience to say the least. Going from a large farmhouse to a tiny ranch is a squeeze but we are looking forward to it. Time to purge the un-needed, un-necessary and un-loved from our stuff. Getting rid of the seven years of accumulated clutter is like having a painful growth removed....hurts at the time but feels great later!!

So here is the new home. Cute, eh? It was killer trying to find a rental in Lander but the personnel director at my husband's new company did the impossible and discovered a three bedroom home that allows our pets!! I just couldn't bear to get rid of my animals! Could you??
So, today I am asking for


We have this great eat in kitchen with lots of cabinets and nice white appliances. As far as I know right now, I can't paint anything, so any advice I receive will have to be the simple stuff. Also my husband won't even HEAR of me wanting to change out the light fixtures since he doesn't plan on living here more than a year and "the lights are fine" in his opinion. Men!
So we are looking at CURTAINS, BARSTOOLS, WALL ART, ETC.
Here are some shots of the house that the landlady took for us. None of the items (including the cute doggie) are ours since we are still freezing our butts off in dismal gray vermont.

There is an odd little "pass through" from the kitchen into the living room which is visible in the second photo.
The folding closet doors house some storage and the washer/dryer. That space in front of the closets is where our dining table must go.

Walls are white. Floor is ka-ka colored vinyl tile (but neutral and won't show up the doggie mess which is a plus). I am already itching to paint that back door since it is so dingy. Maybe she will let me just do that....(slap me please!!)

I am thinking of blues, apple green, and yellow in the kitchen/dining area. Here is my 'thought collage'
KITCHEN IDEAS but there isn't enough of the apple green in it. Hm.

I would LOVE to hear your ideas. Gimme a shout!

Ps: do you like my new banner?? Finally figured out how to do that. Now if I could only get the rest of my blog in line I will be all set!!

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